Quality Rating 1: Information and Policies

Family Handbook, Agreement or Written Contract

Mrs. Armstrong was looking for child care for her 3-year-old son, Devon. She arrived for a tour of “Happy Days 4 Kids” and was greeted by Ms. Jackson. Mrs. Armstrong asked many questions.

“What is your policy for inclement weather?”

“How do you handle challenging behavior in your program?”

“Devon is very active, and I need to be sure that he is well taken care of while I’m at work. What are your policies for keeping children safe?”

“Devon has a severe allergy to milk. What accommodations can you make for him?”

“Devon’s speech is delayed, but with the help of a speech therapist, he seems to be making gains. Do you have experience working with special needs children?”

“Some programs I have visited charge a late pick-up fee if children are picked up after 6:00 in the evening. May I have a copy of your tuition rates and extra fees, please?”

Ms. Jackson was well prepared to answer Mrs. Armstrong’s questions. After the meeting, Mrs. Armstrong felt reassured that Devon would have a positive experience at Happy Days 4 Kids. She was glad to receive a parent handbook as a reference. The handbook described Happy Days 4 Kids policies and answered many of Mrs. Armstrong’s questions.

This section helps you meet the requirements for Administrative Policies and Practices: Information and Policies: ADM 1.1. It guides you through reviewing, revising, or creating a document with information and policies that are important for families to understand about your program. Policies can be described in a variety of documents including a family handbook, written agreement, or written contract.

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