Quality Rating 1: Family Conferences


To meet the requirements for Administrative Policies and Practices: Family Conferences: ADM 6.1, you will upload:

  • Conference Schedule (examples: fall / spring; two times per year; as requested)
  • Statement explaining:
    • How your program informs families about conferences
    • How families sign up for conferences

The Policy or Statement Builder provides a step-by-step guide for creating your statement.

Conference Schedule & Statement

Formal conferences are one way to make sure you and families set aside time for structured and focused discussions about their child. Conferences may be held at the same time each year (ex. fall and spring), when children move to a new program or classroom, as requested by families, or as needed.

What does the documentation look like?

You will upload a statement that explains how your program handles family conferences including:

  • When conferences are held
  • How families are informed about conferences
  • How families sign up to attend a conference

Your conference schedule may be in the form of written documents to families, a calendar, a newsletter describing when conferences are held, or within a handbook families receive when they enroll their child in your program.

Policy or Statement Builder

Develop a statement that describes how your program offers family conferences. The Reflection Questions below will help you think about what you do in your program to capture it when creating your policy. Once you have spent time reflecting on the questions below, you’re ready to build your policy.

  1. How are families informed about conferences?
  2. What is the process used for families to sign up for conferences?

Once you have spent time reflecting on the questions, you have the option to download and save the Family Conferences template to create your statement.

Technology Tips

Download the PDF.

Save the PDF.

Print the PDF.

Edit the PDF.

Do you need more time to think about writing your Family Conferences statement? Use Writers Tips and Prompts to find examples and get more guidance on creating your statement.

Where can you learn more?


The Family Conference Tip Sheet gives you ideas to consider for your next round of conferences with families.