Quality Rating 1: IFSP/IEP

Enrollment / Intake Documents

Think about the children in your program and what you know about them. You know about their interests, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and challenges, and their backgrounds and cultures. How do you use this information to support each child’s development and learning?

Now think about what you knew about the children when they first entered your program. Where did you get that information? How did that information help you plan for their few first days or weeks in your program? What other information might have been helpful to have before they started? How might specific information about children with special health care needs or disabilities have helped you to meet their needs more easily?

If you use an enrollment or intake document, it may have much of the information you need to know about children when they first enter your program. This section helps you review your enrollment or intake documents, or create a document, that will help you meet the requirements for Administrative Policies and Practices: IFSP / IEP: ADM 7.1.

Tip: ADM 7.2, ADM 7.3, ADM 7.4, and ADM 7.5 are automatically met when you meet ADM 7.1 requirements.

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