Quality Rating 1: Positive Guidance

Positive Behavioral Practices Policy

All children need support as they learn to handle different situations. Children learn through daily interactions and the positive guidance you offer. Your program’s positive behavioral practices are evidence of the support and guidance you give to children every day. A written policy that describes these practices is one way to communicate to others how you promote positive behavior, take steps to avoid negative behaviors, and help children gain important social-emotional skills for meeting life’s challenges.

This section guides you through reviewing, revising, or creating a written policy that describes your program’s positive behavioral practices. To meet the requirements for Developmentally Appropriate Learning and Practice: Positive Guidance: DAP 3.1, your policy should describe your program’s positive behavioral practices and include two specific strategies: providing choices and redirection.

Select the Requirements tab to learn about these positive guidance techniques and how to include them in your program’s written policy.